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Gravel column light BLACK MARBLE

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- This gravel column light version is made from black marble, which has a slightly bigger grain and is more shiny in general. -


The gravel column light is a table light, imagine them at a 2 person table in a restaurant or at the counter of some hotel. But it often also finds its place on top of a dressoir or even placed between books on a shelve. Its bold and strong stature is in line with Studio Guilty’s identity and focusses the attention to the intriguing material qualities and clear lines. This piece is yet another example of Studio Guilty’s obsession with the intersection of round shapes.

The Lamp is completely made from Quarts, the most abundant type of mineral on earth (12% of earths crust). It is basically the same stuff as beach sand but the grain is bigger. This also means the lamp is not a lightweight; 9 kilos of stone go into one column. This was also actually the starting point, the abundance of "sand" or "minerals" and the possibility to create products with it.

The column has 2 light sources that shine down on the surface it is standing on and are G4 3W LED's  in 2800k-3200K and each source produces 270 lumen

Dimensions: H40cm B32cm and W14cm.